Analyst Predicts Cardano Price along With 3 Altcoins

Popular Crypto Trader Micheal Van de Poppe in a series of tweets has looked out for 5 low cap altcoin’s price action in the near future.




The broader crypto market has been on a slippery slope of late, but Cardano price has continued to uptrend against Bitcoin(ADA/BTC).

The analyst says ADA has been on his radar and it will continue its bullish trend. 6200 satoshis is his next target for the token. Currently, ADA/BTC is trading at .000046, which means there could be a 34% rise by next month. 


Next on his watch is Defi ecosystem Swipe. Van de Poppe says, SXP is poised for a whopping 86% rebound from its present price of $1.94 before the end of June. 

He says if the BTC pair breaks above 100day and 200 day moving averages price will continue to rise and reach the pre-crash levels again. 


His next observation is for Waves, a blockchain protocol that enables the creation, launch, and trade of users’ own crypto tokens. According to his assumption Waves is set for a 35% uptrend in its Bitcoin pair. The token is currently trading at 0.00042. 

“This one holds on to support and acting above the 100-day and 200-day moving averages. Therefore, I’m assuming we’ll see a retest of 0.00057”.


Fantom (FTM), a distributed ledger system that aims to power smart cities, is the fourth currency on Van de Poppe’s watch. Fantom is expected to drop versus Bitcoin (FTM/BTC) before starting a 74% rally by July.